Just when you thought it could not get any more stranger.  Guess again.  Pee Wee is getting ready to hit the road and start his next (big) adventure. 

The last time he was public with any intentions of being an actor or otherwise, was in 1992.  Oddly enough it was at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville to pay tribute to Minnie Pearl.   It was just a few months earlier that Pee Wee was visiting family in Florida when he was arrested.  Many of his peers including CBS who held the rights to his show and MGM-Disney looked the other way and did not want anything to do with him.

Another eight years would come and go before Pee Wee would even remotly talk to any one about himself or his future.  The first real mention of a "new" Pee Wee came not from Pee Wee the charactor but from Paul Rubens.  At that period of time, he was just toying with the idea of a new way to market Pee Wee and was not fully ready to let the "cat out of the bag" yet.

Now fast forward to this last week.  At a convention of comics, it was revealed that he hopes to hit the road for a big screen adventure that will return the character to life.  A road picture across the entire country.   So get ready for strange meets strange.  Or Pee Wee Herman meets mimself.   That seems to be a fitting title.