It looks as if there is prison time in the very near future for Charlie Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist - David Gilmour.

Charlie Gilmour was one of thousands of British students that demonstrated last December that received not only attention in Britain but worldwide.  The students were protesting the rising fees for university tuition. 

The main reason there was so much attention brought to them is that they got out of control when demonstrators attacked the cars that were accompanying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.  Even though the heir to the throne of England nor his wife were injured in the event, they both appeared to be shaken by the event.

Charlie though was singled out because he was seen hanging from a Union flag on Britain's most prominent memorial to the war dead. 

 He has been sentenced to 16 months in jail and may be set free after serving half of his time.  The Judge how ever is allowing him to take all of his final exams of the semester before heading off to jail.