Z94 compiled a list of our Top 10 Favorite Rock Star Mug Shots Hall of Fame! We guess everyone on this list has asked if their picture could be Photoshopped! And to be honest with you wish some of these pictures were Photoshopped! Check out the mug shots list for yourself!

  • 10

    Steven Tyler

    From a jail bird to a judge on American Idol! I guess things can get worse!

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  • 9

    Billie Joe Armstrong

    He probably sat through the entire Green Day Broadway Play which drove him to insanity! Just sayin'!

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  • 8

    Tommy Lee

    We don't have a problem with this pic! Gurlfriend just had a bad hair day!

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  • 7

    Vince Neil '07

    The aftermath of too many jagerbombs!

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  • 6

    Vince Neil

    At least this time he had time to get his highlights done!

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  • 5

    Kid Rock

    Born Free...then Arrested! How appropriate!

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  • 4

    Jack White

    Look Everyone! We found Edward Cullin's step brother! shhh.....his not a vegetarian yet!

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  • 3

    Richie Sambora

    Is this before or after his plastic surgery? Cause if it's after Richie you better sue that plastic surgeon!

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  • 2

    Ozzy Osbourne


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  • 1

    Scott Stapp

    We got to ask: Why is this Dude shirtless? Did he think he was at a photo-shoot?

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