As you know, The Vapor Hut is powering Z94's coverage of Rocklahoma this year, and along with their support, they threw in some of their new rockin' juices!

While Purple Haze, Melon-Camp, and Strawberry Fields had some really sweet notes to the hit... and nothing brings out that flavor better than a dual coil dripper! Let's build it

First thing you'll need. Kanthal, silica (or eko-wool/cotton), something to wrap it on, a trusty ohmmeter, snips, and a torch.

First you'll flame your kanthal to take some of the spring out of it, plus torching it will clean it of any machining oils and such.

At this point, a lot of people will double/triple up the silica to start wrapping coils. I'm a bigger fan of micro-coils and cotton, so I'll roll me up a micro-coil.

You just whip out what you're going to wrap on and start doing work. In this case, I used the tip of a small screwdriver and did an 11/12 wrap coil. (11 coils on the inside, 12 across the top)

Because there are two coils, the power is split and ohms are cut in half. This little IGO-W was reading out at 1.4ohms which should work well atop the Provari. At this point, I threw it on a mod and lit them up red hot, squeezing the coils together until there's no gaps.

Slide in some wick material, juice it up, and get to vaping some of The Vapor Huts gourmet e-juices.

If you'd like to start rebuilding like the big boys do, stop into The Vapor Hut at 1910 E. Gore Blvd Suite B and those awesome dudes will get you set up with hardware and supplies and even teach you how to do it. You can also find everything you'll need online at The Vapor

(FYI - Rocklahoma pro-tip: Bacon Pringles kick ass!)