You know, the Lawton Craigslist is probably the most popular buy/sell site in these parts. Sure there are others, but you just can't beat finding internet gold.

Take for instance, here's a bunch of used diapers.

Lawton Craigslist

Sure, they're washable cotton diapers, and I'd probably stick my kids in some. To the best of my knowledge, I had cotton diapers back in my day. I think any parent who would utilize this product definitely shows their love for their child for putting that much effort into poo-duty. And I guess this is a good deal, 33% off MSRP, and as stated 'no stains.'


Alright, show of hand... Who needs a nondescript wheel and tire? I've found a deal for you!

Lawton Craigslist

For the low price of $30, you can be the new owner of this rusty wheel and worn out tire! Now, understandably, you might be saying to yourself 'Why would I buy this. I don't even know what vehicle it fits?' But that's the beauty of it. Everyone loves a good mystery, and at the end of the day, you can always buy a vehicle to utilize this wonderful little gem of an item.


What I originally went on the Lawton CL for was a little cart for around the house. I saw a handful of wagons and carts at the stores around town, and I ended up a little sticker shocked at the prices. Seriously, why in the world is a China made Radio Flyer wagon selling for over a hundred dollars? So naturally, I troll Craigslist to see if I can score a deal.

Upon searching 'wagon,' the first result to pop up for me is this hunk of crap.

Lawton Craigslist

I don't even have the words to explain WTF is going on in this post. Growing up in the country, working as a farm hand, I know exactly what this is. It's a really old (before rubber tires old) general use cart you would haul behind a tractor to haul seed, hay, ect around the homestead or to market with... but that old rule comes into play here...

Age doesn't always equal quality or value. Honestly, $400 for a restoration project? Someone needs to put down the remote and stop watching the impeccably scripted 'American Pickers.' All the same, it would make some bitchin' yard art.