Win a Free Airline Ticket if Your Candidate Loses
If you wake up on November 7 and decide you just can't bear to live in a land with a President Romney or withstand another four years of President Obama, then have we got an offer for you: JetBlue Airways will fly you out of the country free of charge.
Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Aims to Save Astraeus Airlines
Not only does Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson refuse to go down as a disgruntled former employee of Astraeus Airlines, the Boeing 757 Captain is hatching a three-tier plan to salvage the financially strapped Icelandic business-owned company, which ordered all pilots and staff to cease operation…
Man Kicked Off Plane For Cursing
Robert Sayegh wanted to know why it was taking so long for his Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight from Detroit to Newark to get off the runway.
So he made a general inquiry as to the plane’s grounded nature that admittedly contained R-rated language.