Register Your Vehicle Now for the Virtual Car Show V
Welcome to the 5th edition of our Virtual Car Show!  This show is open to all makes and models of vehicles whether they are cars, trucks or motorcycles.  It is absolutely FREE to enter, requires no travel and you won't have to worry about the weather or anyone touching your baby!
10 Awesomely Creative Cars We Wish We Had
Besides being vital components in most of our lives, cars can be really awesome creative canvases. Even though not everyone is into all that complicated, fancy shmancy car decor, there's a big chance these weirdly awesome cars could change your mind.
Man Changes Tire On Moving Car Tilted On Two Wheels
When you get a flat tire, roadside assistance can sometimes take a long time to respond. These guys don't need no stinkin' roadside assistance. They don't even need a jack. Watch the video to see the world's most death-defying auto mechanic change a tire while the car he is riding in is moving on tw…
Guy Stuck in His Car Going 125 MPH With No Brakes
Imagine yourself jumping into your car for a quick run to the supermarket. As you approach your first stop sign, with the sun shining on your face and some fine tunes on the radio, you realize that your brakes aren't arresting your forward movement, but actually accelerating it. Eventually, you…

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