Crush of the Day

Michelle Beadle — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Michelle Beadle, our Crush of the Day, is the co-host of ‘SportsNation’ on ESPN along with Colin Cowherd. She is our crush because she makes a show about people voting on unimportant sports questions somewhat enjoyable.
Have you ever watched ‘SportsNation?’…
Kellie Pickler — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Country singer Kellie Pickler first popped up on our radar during the fifth season of ‘American Idol’ where she eventually finished in sixth place. Yes, we watched Idol back then, because everyone did and we can’t handle peer pressure very well. It&CloseCurlyQuo…
Briohny Smyth — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
The ‘Crush of the Day’ is typically famous actresses, models and people that make the cover of at least one gossip mag a month. Today’s crush, Briohy Smyth is sort-of an actress and is also kind of a model. She does appear on television and in ads. She is a yoga…
Elin Nordegren — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Elin Nordegren is probably not over the whole embarrassment that was her marriage to Tiger Woods. She seems to be coping well. Most people would mope around. Elin decided to bulldoze a $12 million dollar mansion to build “her dream home.”
Holly Rowe — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe doesn’t fit the mold of the ‘typical’ ladies we feature in the ‘Crush of the Day,’ but Holly gets the nod today for a little stunt she pulled at the end of the Sugar Bowl last night.
Alison Brie — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Alison Brie is best know as Annie on ‘Community,’ and Trudy Campbell on ‘Mad Men.’ She is our crush today because we are tired of hearing ‘why hasn’t Alison Brie been a Crush of the Day’ yet from everyone we&CloseCurl…

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