E3 2014

E3 2014: Shouting a Battlecry From the Rooftops
Rather than engaging in full-blown escalations, the world's biggest military powers signed the Blackpowder Treaty, thus banning the use of gunpowder in combat. Instead, disputes would be settled on specific battlegrounds dubbed WarZones, where a chosen few would fight for their country.
E3 2014: The Mother (Base) of all Metal Gear Solids
It's been nine years since Boss has seen any action, and the situation for his not-so-merry band of mercenaries has worsened every day. As he sits on his horse, contemplating the situation, we're left to wonder just how different this Metal Gear Solid will be from its predecessors.
James’ Top 5 E3 Picks For 2014
We saw a taste of some the awesome epic next gen games that will be hitting in the fall and next year. Now to crunch it all again game by game and to present what my top 5 picks are for this year's E3.

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