Hot Mess of the Day

Itchy Ida — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: 3 feet from your itch, and still scratching it.
Hardest Things to Do With Long Nails: Playing Angry Birds, giving cootie shots.
Skills: Picking locks, changing the car radio station from the back seat, dosing cocaine.
Her Motto: "It's a long way to the top...
Terry the Teet — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Terry The Teet
Location: Newcastle, England
Occupation: Canine wet nurse.
Hobbies: Sudoku, erotic lactation.
5 Things She Can’t Live Without: Prenatal vitamins, trips to the pound, a portable pump, lollipops, and religion...
Your Worst Nightmare — Hot Mess Of the Day
Name: Your Worst Nightmare
Occupation: The front-desk greeter in your office building.
Interests: Real-life Pinterest, music from rom-com soundtracks that are perfect for listening to while sitting alone in an poorly-lit room, Instagram, that movie 'Swimfan...