Enter the EPIC Selfie Contest for your shot at winning a GoPro camera!

I don't know about you, but whenever I go back through my phone on Monday morning, there's usually some pretty priceless pics from the weekend. Sound about right for you? That one perfect epic selfie is your ticket to an epic GoPro Hero 3 camera from Z94!

All you have to do is click here - put in your email address so we can let you know you won, upload the photo, and lay your best caption on it!

The full contest is also pinned to the top of our Facebook page, so you can submit and vote there too!

If you'd rather take the super-easy way around it, you can #hashtag your EPIC selfies and we'll take care of the details! We'll gather all the hashtag pics and put them up for vote.

Upload your pics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag it #Z94EpicSelfie and we'll make sure your pic goes up for votes.

Don't forget to like Z94 on Facebook, and tell your friends and fam to vote for your pic so you can win a GoPro!

This EPIC contest ends August 12th at 10am so get to it! Handle your epic selfie now!