I can admit it, I'm probably a bigger fan of "parody" movies and videos than I am of regular films. Looking at the last five years of what the movie studios put out, it's completely understandable. They are literally just remaking great movies, but doing so very poorly. Hollywood seems to think a couple of special effects and a new fashionable cast can possibly remake the brilliance of 1984's The Karate Kid? Clash of the Titans? The Italian Job? A second and third Hangover? And who the hell thought it'd be a good idea to throw douche-bag extraordinaire James Franco into a Wizard of Oz remake?!!? Classics just can't be remade. (looking at you Disney) There's no secret in saying movies these days suck.

The same cannot be said about the brilliant few on YouTube. There are millions of epic videos out there, some of the best being parodies and alternate remakes. Toy Story/Full Metal Jacket is right up there on the top. But even fewer channel makers put out their own versions of a single movie, and that's when things get a little interesting. These brilliant guys take a perfect classic like Fight Club, and rewrite it into something a little different. Hilarity and badassery ensues. Enjoy