History is made with the first ever marijuana commercial to hit major television networks... The U.S. is becoming a brave new world.

For a lot longer than we'd all like to admit, the debate between cannabis prohibition vs legalization has been circling around us. It's more politically debated than climate change and gun control. Hell, this very topic has been voted on in the Oklahoma State Senate.

There's really three main arguments being made. Medical marijuana, decriminalized marijuana, and outright legal recreational marijuana... and then there's the opposition that believe any change to the current prohibition will undoubtedly ruin society... Smoke will fill the streets, crime will follow, lawlessness will ensue...

Personally, I think if a medical product can be distilled from a plant, any doctor should be able to write the script. Any pharmacy should be able to fill it. And any patient/parent should be able to dose it. The current studies out there seem to suggest evidence that mary-jane just might be the wonder drug.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, here is the monumental commercial openly advertising the sale of a little weed. Enjoy