The latest generation of GoPro Hero cameras has arrived, and it seems odd.

Different is always odd. With the Hero4, GoPro laid out the technology of a touchscreen built in. Along with that came new cables, housing, etc... Everything new. It almost seems like GoPro is taking a slight step backwards with this new tiny Hero4 Session... Almost...

While it looks conspicuously like Polaroids Cube, one can't help but notice the strides forward GoPro is taking. First off, it's waterproof as you take it out of the box. No acrylic housing to haze up and flare light, at least for the first 33 feet anyway. That's a good thing.

Dive housings will be available, but I think GoPro realized, nobody who is diving is using GoPro's. Most anyone who is serious about diving, and shooting video of said dive, is using a pro level dedicated HD/UHD camera/DSLR and light setup. Sure, there might be plenty of GoPro's used throughout Discovery's Shark Week... but do you really think these 'researchers' are dropping brand names for free? Come on.

Although this new Hero4 Session isn't the Hero5 everyone was anticipating, I can get on board with it. It's tiny! It will prove to be a better camera for shooting anything helmet and board mounted. The weight savings, while small, are noticeable.