As I worked my way to the downtown Z studio today, I couldn't help but notice how many people had zero clue as to how to go about navigating these road conditions. Let's hit the basics and determine how to bring out the best driver in you.

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    Don't Drive with Your Ego

    No matter who you are, if you have a drivers license, chances are you drive with your ego. Nothing wrong with it most of the time, but it can lead to trouble.

    Think you don't? Let me ask you this... During your drive today, as you pulled up behind someone driving slower than you, did you ever think "Learn to drive! You're holding up my commute!"   I thought so

    On the flip side of that, you more than likely threw a "Jackass, I hope you wreck" out there under your breath to the one or two people who actually passed you driving down the road.

    I get it. We're all the same. "I drive the perfect speed limit. Anyone who is faster or slower is just stupid and needs to learn how to drive." That, my friend, is driving with your ego. Stop it.

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    Take it Slow

    When road conditions are as abysmal as they are right now, it's OK to be the slow poke. Yes, some douchebags are going to pass you... Yes, some are even going to tailgate you. Don't let your ego take over and make a big deal out of it.

    Your safety is your responsibility. I would prefer to arrive at work half an hour late rather than push my luck and end up two hours late because I had to wait on a tow truck to pull me out of the embankment.

    On top of that, if your boss makes a big stink out of being half an hour late in these conditions, throw your shoe at them.

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    Don't Be A Dumbass

    If you decide that you can harness your ego a little bit, or you find yourself succumbing to a little bit of road rage, chill the **** out.

    Like we've already discussed, don't worry about being late. Don't worry about holding up other drivers. Don't worry about the idiot that just sped past you. Let it go.


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    Don't Be A Dumbass: Part Deux

    Twice already, once yesterday and once today, some idiot decided that four wheel drive was enough of an advantage to barrel down Rogers Lane faster than the rest of us.

    Having four wheel drive, it's understandable how much confidence in driving that feature can give you... but it's all for not.

    A mile or two up the road, that same vehicle ends up on the side of the road. Both instances the truck was pointed the wrong way, and both times I drove by slowly having a mental chuckle and giving an "under the dash" double one finger salute.

    You see, every car is equally worthless in icy conditions. Four wheel drive, two wheel drive, all wheel drive, ect... Doesn't matter, all worthless. Although I will concede, front wheel drive probably has the only advantage in slick conditions as you're car is pulling it's weight as opposed to pushing it. But I digress, don't be a dumbass.

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    Slow Your Ass Down

    This seems to be a prime topic on this list. There is nothing so important in our lives that we need to risk ourselves and others safety for the fact of saving a few minutes of drive time.

    This is especially true to the asshat tow truck driver (that shall remain nameless) that just about ran me off Lee Boulevard last night...

    Yes, conditions suck. Yes, it's cold as hell. Yes, I want to get to wherever I'm going as fast as possible... but, I can put-put down the road safely and get there just as fast.