If you haven't noticed yet, the Z-Crew has been pretty obsessed by Vine recently. It's honestly seven seconds of pure awesomeness. The possibilities are limitless, but you start running out of ideas by Vine 34 of the day. Enter the YouTube's.

I must have watched this video at least fifteen times today, and just keeps getting funnier... every time I see it!

There's not much that can compete with a good prank. Scare pranks are sacred in the Kelso household. Not that I'm all about scaring people into cardiac arrest, but I like to get reactions right up to that point.

Unfortunately, I don't think the "professional" people in and around the downtown Z studio would find the humor in us constantly one-upping the scare tactics... so we're cool with living vicariously through those who make a hobby of it.

Here's the Top 50 Scare Vines