It is widely know that rockstars can be a little funny at times and like to have way too much fun, especially when it comes to the things that they demand backstage at their concerts. And the Foo Fighters have taken it to a whole new level.

This is nothing new and fun started back in 1982 with Van Halen when some of their backstage demands included NO BROWN M&M's and a tube of KY Jelly to see the full list of demands click here

Which brings us t0 the Foo Fighters already known for producing the most entertaining assemblage of tour requirements in rock, Foo Fighters returned to the road this year after a two-and-a-half-year absence. Touring in support of their new album “Wasting Light,” the group is carrying a 52-page “Tour 2011” production rider that reaches new heights of absurdist brilliance.

Described as the group’s “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages,” the section opens with a drawing of front man Dave Grohl shredding with a fork and knife in his hand. Bassist Nate Mendel opines on what constitutes a delicious breakfast. Drummer Taylor Hawkins explains the difference between a good and bad salad. A maze leads guitarist Chris Shiflett to a bountiful catering table. And guitarist Pat Smear is shown giving the thumbs down to sweaty meats. To see these pages click here

Even in the movies rockstars have demands

If you were a Rockstar what funny demands would you have ?