What do you get when you mix the most remixed song of 2013 with the most badass video game out there right now? 100% pure, unadulterated, epic, awesomeness. Show of hands, who's seen and/or heard "What's The Fox Say"? No?!? Catch up on it here before you go on.

Now, I don't want to go all "gamer nerd fanboy" on you, but I'm gonna do just that for a hot minute. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the game that us at Z94 are hooked on at the moment. There's nothing better than handing out the butthurt online to random, far too trusting strangers from around the globe... but sometimes Critter and I will log on just to roll around doing stupid stuff, jumps, stunts, ect... (before you say it, that's not an overuse of ellipsis', I'm a grown ass man and can put... as many... as I want...)  The one thing that is truly noticeable about GTA:V is the viciousness of the cops.

Take it back to the game that started it all, GTA:III. You could literally walk up to a police officer in the game and donkey punch him, he'd give you an awkward look and go about his business. GTA: Vice City took it a little further when you'd go bare knuckles on the fuzz, they'd run after you, but give up after a few hundred feet. Liberty City, San Andreas, and GTA:IV all saw a two star wanted level, followed by a half-ass moderate speed car chase. And if you did manage to get pinched, you'd get arrested and lose a little bail money... The point is the cops in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto were pretty chill. Something every GTA:V player misses.

Doesn't matter if you're garnering a flashing one star, or a stellar five star wanted level, the GTA Barney are whipping out their pistols, berating you with some all too unlikely marksmanship. Apparently, we're not the only people that feel that way. Avid YouTuber and Call of Duty troll-god GotDrums decided to roll out his "fox" song "What Does The Cop Say", and the end result is something that will go down in GTA history. Enjoy the awesomeness and share it with a friend.