Earlier this week, the thrilling conclusion to the Batman 'Arkham' line was announced with 'Batman: Arkham Knight.' The trailer showed some of Batman's greatest enemies joining forces to take down the dark knight once and for all. With that in mind will his greatest enemy make a come back?

There is no doubt that in the stories of Batman and Joker both kind of rely on one another to fulfill their own purposes. Because of this many fans have feared that Rocksteady would bring Joker back with a "haha he was never really dead" trick especially teasing the games new arch-villian, The Arkham Knight.

Game Informer reports that this is not the case and Arkham Knight will most likely not feature the Clown Prince of Crime. However, Rocksteady has stated that the events of Arkham City with the Joker will play a key role in Knight's story.

If you haven't had a chance to see the trailer of the newly announced Arkham Knight you can check it out here: