The game started off for the Lawton High Wolverines very similar to game in Mustang the previous week.The Wolverines struck first with a touchdown from Dallas Sealley and then the game resembled a chess match. The Norman Tigers and Wolverines matched points for point all the way until the fourth quarter when Norman pulled ahead with 26 points. Then, the Wolverines scored a much needed touchdown to bring the game within five points and then came the biggest break for the Wolverines when they denied Norman a critical first down with less than two minutes in the game. Tevin Foster was set to receive the punt from Norman. The ball was in the air and that is when things went horribly wrong for Tevin Foster and the Wolverines because the ball went through the hands of Foster and behind him where the Norman Tigers quickly jumped on the ball to recover their own punt. The Tigers took a couple of victory formations and the game was over.

This was my first year ever calling high school sports and football. I enjoyed seeing the excitement of the players, families, and fans of this team. I look forward to returning to booth next season and watch the Coach Breeze's team take the field with post season aspirations.