A parent volunteering as a coach for his son’s football team in Payson, Utah, is being charged with child abuse after allegedly attacking a player from the opposing team, giving him a concussion and ending his season.

Nate Harris is being charged with second-degree felony child abuse after he stepped out onto the field during a game between the Payson City Football League and the Mapleton City Football League and clotheslined a 13-year old halfback who was making his way down the sideline.

Spectators who witnessed Harris’s actions say there was malicious intent. “The Mapleton coach was standing there," said one eyewitness. "He had plenty of time to move, but he didn’t." He just raised his arms and struck a blow at the Payson player.

“When you look at the video you can see … there’s no concern for the well-being of the child," said Detective Lance Smith of the Payson Police Department. "He doesn’t walk over to see if he’s all right. He doesn’t show concern or anything. He just backs away from him and stands there.”

The player suffered a concussion from the hit and will reportedly be out for the rest of the season. Harris posted bond and has been released from jail.