The second installment for Call Of Duty: Black Ops will be in stores and available for download on (11-13-12) Black Ops II takes the franchise in a new and different direction, into the not too distant future. The action takes place thirteen years from now in the year 2025 Futuristic, but not over the top is how it's been described by game developers. A mix of both old and new technology.

Treyarch returns as the game's primary creator and development team. They plan to pick up where they left off with Call Of Duty: Black Ops from a technical and game mechanics stand point. I really liked the first one and look forward to playing part II with all the improvements and advancements Treyarch has made.

I like Black Ops more than the latest addition to Call Of Duty from Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3 It's a good game don't get me wrong, but unlike Treyarch who've been working to improve the product throughout the years and provide players with a better experience and more options, Infinity Ward just seems to put on a new coat of paint and call it good. Maybe it's just me...

I still wonder how the new Black Ops will integrate with Call Of Duty: Elite. Most of what Elite does was already a part of the Black Ops in game menus as far as stats, heat maps and detailed information on performance. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Needless to say I'm still not a fan of Elite!

Go behind scenes with Treyarch as they prepare to launch Call Of Duty: Black Ops II