Nothing pisses me off more than bullies, those who pick on defenseless people or animals. I don't know what's wrong with some people who feel the need to harm or emotionally abuse others. Makes me sick! Recently a gay teen in Indianapolis, IN. who was a student at Arsenal Technical High School was bullied so bad he felt the need to bring a taser to school to protect himself.

Darnell "Dynasty" Young was first suspended then expelled for his actions. This kid was literally tormented, bullied, abused and in real physical danger all because he was gay. His mother Chelisa Grimes had on several occasions met with school administrators about this, like so many of these cases school officials did little to nothing.

The bullying only got worse so she purchased and allowed her son to carry a taser for self defense. A few days ago while in school he was approached and surrounded by six other teens who threatened to beat him up. These same bullies had previously made good on their threats.

He removed his taser from his backpack, raised it up allowing it to arc and showed he had the means to defend himself. Like all bullies they ran away when it was obvious he could fight back. No one was harmed and the taser wasn't even used, just shown. He put it away and went to class. That's when he was arrested then later expelled.

In my opinion the same zero tolerance polices most schools have for weapons also needs to be applied to bullying. Sure he broke school policy bringing the taser, but when you've exhausted all other forms to resolve the problem what's left? The school is as much to blame here as the student.

What are your thoughts? What can we do to keep this from happening again?