Shotguns – The Man’s Gift Guide
For most guys, you can usually trace their firearm enthusiasm back to their first shotgun. Keeping with tradition, it's still the most popular Christmas firearm gift.
Gamer Nerd Gets Epic Revenge on Trash Talking Bully! NSFW [VIDEO]
WARNING: This video is NSFW and contains some strong language. So if vulgar vernacular offends or upsets you...Move along!
This guy gets some EPIC payback on his trash talking opponent! One of the best things about competitive gaming other than all the people you meet and good times you have while ga…
Carving Pumpkins with Guns and Explosives [VIDEO]
So we saw a video online last week of someone trying to carve a pumpkin with a 22 rifle... That's cute, but how would a man carve a pumpkin with his favorite firearm? We loaded up and put these colorful squashes to the ultimate test!
Guy Pukes on a Ride at the State Fair of Texas [VIDEO]
I haven't made it to the Texas State Fair yet this year, I'm planning a trip for next weekend. It's going on now through October 23rd. so you still have time if you want to go. After seeing this I think I'll pack some extra clothes, a gallon of Purell and some extra towels! Watch…

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