Inmate Denied Jigsaw Puzzle in Jail [POLL]
We get it - when you are in prison there is probably a good reason for that. We also get it that we have to be tough with inmates, no TV, no phones, no social time, but when you deny someone a puzzle – we have to pipe up. Read on to find out why this prisoner got denied a puzzle.
Employee Steals $10 Million From Company
For 7 blissful years, Patricia Smith, who worked at a local car dealership managed to steal $10 million from her boss right under his nose. At one point she was stealing close to $4,000 a day. But we have to give it to her – Smith knew how to spend the stolen money like a major player!
Prepare For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse! [VIDEO] NSFW
Read as if your life depended on it, because it just might!
In recent months there's been several reports, as many as six separate incidents, people high on 'Bath Salts' are savagely attacking others in a zombified, cannibalistic state inflicting life threatening injuries and great har…

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