Base Jumpers Fall 500 Plus Feet and Samsh Into the Ground [VIDEO]
When it comes to extremes sports none are quite as dangerous and unforgiving as base jumping. Everything has to be right in order to walk away. These two guys decided it wasn't extreme enough so they attempted to base jump off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. They've done it before, but this t…
Man Blows Out His Knee Lifting an Invisible Box [VIDEO]
He's one of the least athletic men around! The box isn't real, but the injuries sure are. Watch as this guy literally blows his knee out trying to move and lift and invisible box. What started out as a joke and funny mime video ended with a trip to the ER. I feel kind of bad laughing,…
The Best Fails of April 2015 so Far [VIDEO]
Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like watching others fail, and fail hard! No matter what kind of day you’re having seeing the hilarious results of ill thought plans in action and ending in epic failure will make even the most unhappy people crack a smile and laugh.

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