Chefs Read One Star Yelp! Reviews
Sometimes a review can make or break a restaurant and online reviews from customers can do the same. However, some of them are so ridiculous it can be a little hard to take online reviews serious at times.
The Thug Kitchen Cookbook NSFW [VIDEO]
The web only commercial for the Thug Kitchen cookbook will certainly motivate you to purchase a copy, or at a minimum get a laugh. The video does contain adult language and vulgar vernacular so if you're hypersensitive to hearing foul words move along!
North Carolina’s Marshmallow Crop Is Failing [VIDEO]
A heartbreaking news story has developed out of North Carolina. It seems their main cash crop is in danger. With recent weather this year's marshmallow crop is dying, it's bad news for everyone. There will be a marshmallow shortage this summer and farmers are likely to lose their farms due…
How to Properly Cook Pasta [VIDEO]
As it turns out after watching this video I've been cooking pasta all wrong. Not only will this method taste better but will also reduce the time in preparation and even clean up because you're using less cookware.

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