Lawton Releases Official ‘Trick or Treat’ Times for Halloween
Nothing gets a kid more excited this time of year than the thought of Halloween trick-or-treating. Just think, they get to dress up as whatever they want, knock on strangers doors, and receive free candy all night! I can remember my parents driving us all across town to the 'nice' neighbor…
Halloween Scare Pranks- Dead People [VIDEO]
One of the best things about Halloween and this time of year is scare pranks! I've been spending some quality time on Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel today watching scare pranks. If you haven't seen the possessed dolls video yet, watch it here. After seeing that one I found this one. See how pe…
Halloween Scare Prank- The Possessed Doll [VIDEO]
Another great scare prank from Just for Laughs Gags and just in time for Halloween! Scare pranks are one of the best things about the Halloween holiday and season. Watch as unsuspecting people get the fright of their lives from a possessed doll at an antique shop.

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