Operation Santa Claus- The Marathon Broadcast on Z94!
'Operation Santa Claus' is underway! It's been a busy day so far and it's not even close to being done. Z94 is doing a live marathon broadcast here at Jim Glover Chevrolet located at: 8308 N.W. Cache Road on the corner of 82nd and Cache. We'll be here until 6:00pm tomorrow n…
The 5 Best Santa Clauses on Film
Santa Claus, who without a doubt really does exist, doesn’t have time to make a personal appearance in every Hollywood movie about Christmas ever made. Instead, he relies on a number of talented actors to portray him on the silver screen.
Help the Kids of Lawton, Fort Sill with ‘Operation Santa Claus’
This Thursday and Friday, December 12th and 13th join Z94, KLAW 101 and My 107.3 at Jim Glover Chevrolet in Lawton. They're located at 8308 N.W. Cache road, on the corner of 82nd and Cache. Townsquare Media have teamed up with Jim Glover, Wal Mart and the Lawton Fire Department for 'Operat…
5 Fun and Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Globes and angels and stars are fine, but for the folks who like to be a little more imaginative with their Christmas-tree decorations—whether from boredom or budget—we’ve come up with a list of five unusual ways to help get the creative wheels in your noggin spinning:
Christmas Trees, Which do you prefer Real or Fake? [POLL]
I remember as a child living in a small two bedroom country home, just on the Oklahoma/Missouri line outside of Seneca, Missouri.   That wonderful smell of the tree that dad and I went out into the woods and cut down for Christmas, granted it was just a common cedar tree, but it gave a great se…
The Ultimate Christmas Movie Super Cut [VIDEO]
I have so many movies I like to watch around this time of year, but it can be near to impossible to see them all. So with that being said the 'Santa's Helpers' over at Screen Junkies have put together the ultimate Christmas movie super cut. Basically you get all your favorite parts of the movies you…

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