How Many Pancakes Does it Take to Stop a .22 Long Rifle Round [VIDEO]
Truly a question that's plagued mankind for centuries. Just how many pancakes would it take to stop a .22 long rifle round. Luckily for us Demolition Ranch and Mattv2099 teamed up to end the debate once and for all. You never know when this kind of information could come in handy, or when you m…
Comedian Tim Vine on BBC Christmas Show [VIDEO]
Brilliant! Check out Tim Vine on John Bishop's BBC Christmas show. While Henny Youngman will always be considered the king of the one liners, Tim Vine is definitely a close second. His quick wit and dry delivery are hilarious!
How to Open a Closed Gate [VIDEO]
Finally there's an instructional video on how to open a closed gate. I'm really surprised it's taken this long! If like myself you struggle with opening gates, this video is for you. This guy goes into the finer points on gate opening like pushing versus pulling. A real must see!
George Carlin as the Hippy Dippy Weatherman on Johnny Carson [VIDEO]
George Carlin was truly one of the greats! He had a command of the English language that very few will ever have. His comedy and timing was flawless, a giant in comedy and storytelling. One of his most memorable characters the Hippy Dippy weatherman was seen on the Ed Sullivan show and of course the…

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