Potty Talk – Kid Contemplates His Diet While on the Throne [VIDEO]
Some of mankind's greatest thoughts and sadly some of our biggest regrets have all come from the bathroom. There's something about the solitude and time spent upon the throne that lends itself to self examination and intuitive thought. It also give you the time to really think about your d…
Baby Sings Death Metal and Kills it! [VIDEO]
One of the funniest videos you'll see today, maybe this week especially if you're a metal fan! It's a perfect example of good parenting and allowing your children to explore their musical interests.
Another Successful Santa’s Workshop in Central Mall [VIDEO]
Our annual Santa's Workshop was held this past Saturday, 12/6/14, in the JC Penny court at Central Mall. The children had lots of fun making holiday crafts like ornaments, jewelry, cards and gift bags. We had a great turnout. Watch the video to see how much fun the kids had!

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