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Man Donates Suit To Goodwill And Loses Life Savings[VIDEO]
An elderly 80-year-old Illinois man decided to be generous this holiday season and donate some clothes to the local Goodwill in Moline, Illinois which include a suit coat the only problem is the elderly man  doesn't  trust banks, had kept his life savings of $13,000 sewn inside the lining of one of…
Florida Woman Hit with Staggering $200,000 Cell Phone Bill
If you think your cell phone bill is high, you haven’t met Celina Aarons.
The Florida woman added a cell phone to her account for her mute and hearing-impaired brother, who didn’t know to turn off his data roaming when he was recently in Canada. Since his only form of communication with the phone is …
What Are America’s Most Expensive Colleges?
Forbes, along with the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, tallied up the cost of tuition, books, transportation, computers, and room and board to determine the new list of America’s most expensive colleges. And some of them may surprise you.
The Best Labor Day Sales on the Web
Labor Day means a three day weekend and respite from hard work for many, but it also means it's the season for end-of-summer deals. Here are some of the best savings of the season, from clothing to back-to-school gear.
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American Eagle

All men's and women'…
Back To School Eve – The Marathon Is Over
Today is Wednesday. To most people it is mid week or "Hump-Day." But for my house, this is "Back To School Eve!" And I have just finished the marathon of all marathon's. Yes the draining of my wallet and gas tank doing the back to school shopping.

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