Lego Sorter Built out of Legos [VIDEO]
Some people seem to have way too much time on their hands. There's no telling how long this took to built. Even so it's pretty cool, I couldn't have done it. Watch this hand made Lego sorter that was built out of Legos sort Legos...
New ‘Star Wars’ Toys Let You Build Your Own Crazy Lightsaber
Remember how so many Star Wars fans lost their minds when we first saw Kylo Ren’s bizarre hilted lightsaber in the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 7? Well, they’re about to lose ‘em all over again. Hasbro is introducing a new line of toys that will allow children (and their paren…
Fifty Shades of Grey – Lego Trailer [VIDEO]
I'd actually go see this movie! Antonio Toscano just re-did the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer using Legos. I don't know what it is about these Lego videos I find so amusing, but I'd be willing to bet this remake will be better than the actual movie.

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