Scientists believed that elephants, besides humans, were the only other species that could mourn. However, a tourist in South China captured this heartbreaking video of a female dolphin carrying her dead baby calf on her back and now it’s time to revise that theory! Watch the video!

The video was captured on July 8 in Sanniang Bay off Qinzhou City, South China. The area is famous for its dolphins. Tourists were shocked however, to witness the mourning of this mother over her dead calf. The baby dolphin has a big gash on its belly which some are speculating was cause by a boat propeller.

You could see the mother dolphin trying to keep her dead baby calf afloat over the water apparently she’s been swimming around the same area for days.


We know that dolphins can speak with each other and are excellent problem solvers unmatched by other species. Watching the video I am reminded that the mother’s love knows no boundaries!