Up the irons, Bruce and the boys are back! The new live album 'En Vivo' from Iron Maiden is in stores and online now, released on (03-26-12) "En Vivo' was recorded live at Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on (04-10-11) during the 'The Final Frontier' world tour. The latest recordings are available in several different formats all in H.D 5.1 surround sound. There's the double C.D set, Blue Ray and double DVD versions that feature the documentary 'Behind The Beast'.

Go behind the scenes for exclusive interviews with the band plus an inside look at the 'Ed Force One' leg of 'The Final Frontier' world tour and much, much more!

Iron Maiden have released several live albums throughout the years, I think 'En Vivo' is the seventh or eighth. What makes the latest effort different from the others and stand out in the catalog is the amazing sound and incredible coverage of the concert. No matter what format you prefer or end up purchasing you won't be disappointed. Since release it's all I've been listening to. I might be in the minority here but I prefer actual C.D's or albums to downloads. I like having all the artwork, photos, lyrics, liner notes and details. Along with an incredible concert captured live "En Vivo' includes some amazing photos and details from the show that complete the disk and make it an experience versus just another live album.  This is a must own for all Maiden fans!