The last three times I've been involved in a traffic accident or fender bender it's been the same story. Some asshole on his or her cell phone either talking or texting, not paying attention. I've been hit twice on the road and once in a parking lot by people who would rather talk or text than drive. Here's an ideal. Put down the f#@king phone or park your ass somewhere else and conduct your conversation without risking others!

To make the point about the dangers of texting while behind the wheel Belgian student drivers were all instructed to do just that. The results made an impact. Maybe we should do this in the states and see if we can convince people, even if it's just one that texting or cell phone use while driving is an accident waiting to happen.

Check out the extreme video!

I know I'm probably in the minority here but I wish the hell we had more traffic laws concerning cell phone use while driving. Oklahoma has tried several times over the past few years to address this and legislators have fallen short creating a public safety issue. Some of the bills proposed recently centered around under age drivers as well as state, county and local employees use of cell phones while driving.

Currently the only law regarding this is the Oklahoma 'Distracted Drivers' law.  It doesn't prohibit the use of cell phones or other electronic devices while driving but does prohibit distracted driving. Sounds a little vague or confusing doesn't it? Basically you can't be pulled over or ticketed for using a cell phone even if you're texting unless an officer witnesses a driver being reckless, about to cause or has caused an accident. Unfortunately by then it's usually too late. Do me and my poor old truck a favor, pull over to talk and text or hang the hell up!