For the most part drummers have the short end of the stick when it comes to equal, or even partial stage presence. Sure there's several drummers who've managed to get center stage both in their professional and personal lives, but those cases are few and far between.

There's exceptions to the rule like Neil Peart, Igor Cavalera, Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, Lars Ulrich and of course we can't forget the late John Bonham and Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan. But for every known and famous drummer there are countless others who, through no fault of their own are relatively nameless, faceless and unknown.  That's about to change!

Met Kwon Soon Keun who has become an internet sensation over the past few months with his unique playing style and commanding stage presence, he has captivated audiences world wide. You can't hide this guy behind a band, no way. He might be on a riser with the band out front, but when on the throne he's the king! Check him out in action as he brings some real heart and soul to this Frank Sinatra cover of 'My Way'.