How to Deal With March Madness in the Workplace [VIDEO]
March Madness is officially upon us, do you have your brackets filled out yet? If not and you're needing some guidance on the whole bracket, basketball thing you're in luck! This instructional video will help you, the less knowledgeable non-sports fan feel more a part of during this confusing time. …
Jerk Caught on Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam [VIDEO]
Hey Ladies! Watch this "keeper" in the stocking cap! He and his girlfriend were caught on the Kiss Cam at a Chicago Bulls game. Notice he's wearing a Celtics sweatshirt. Remember you don't have to put up with jerks like him. There are tons of awesome men out there just wa…
Drake Student Wins Ford F-150 Truck With Buzzer Beater Shot! [VIDEO]
If only I had luck like this guy. First-year Drake student Alex Tillinghast won a 2014 Ford F-150 truck from Noble Auto Group at the 2014 Bulldog Madness event. He managed to sink a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and at the very last second he beat the buzzer with a half-court shot to win the truck!

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