An Animated Short Film – The Anatomical Bust! [VIDEO]
Hilarious! A brilliant short film about a kid who's struggling with the perfect anatomically correct bust. He's tried and tried to draw the perfect rack but fails. His skills as an artist are being brought into question and his friends doubt he'll ever complete his female superhero dr…
Introducing Tittygram- And Yes It’s A Real Thing! [VIDEO]
Move over Instagram, here's Tittygram and yes it's a real thing! When I first saw this video I thought it was fake, a lot of fun to watch, but fake. Well I guess I was wrong. As it turns out those crazy Russians are at it again and really do have a messaging service called Tittygram.
How to Properly Slice a Watermelon [VIDEO]
Hot, yet cold and juicy! Some serious melon on melon action right here! Watch as this busty beauty teaches you how to slice a watermelon. This is really important stuff so pay attention.
Slo-Mo Bouncing Boobies! [VIDEO]
Two hot chicks, four large boobs and a lot of slo-mo bouncing, now that's entertainment! You deserve a break and it's a fact that starting at boobs is good for your health. It's been scientifically proven. What's that, don't believe me? I'm telling you it's the tru…
Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Jingle Bell Boobs! [VIDEO]
A very merry, memorizing pair of Christmas mammaries! Get into the holiday spirit with this amazing rendition of "Jingle Bells" complete with dancing jingle boobs! Nothing brings peace on earth and good will toward man quite like the beauty of bouncing boobies.
Boob Squeezing Video Game! [VIDEO]
It was only a matter of time before the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was used to create porn! Behold the greatest video game ever created in the history of mankind. The Boob Squeezer 3000!

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