Bowling Ball Car Jump Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Physics can bite you in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. These guys prove the point masterfully! What started off as a funny stunt ended up costing them. See what happens when you don't properly measure distance, speed and force when launching a bowling ball off a ramp wit…
Lady Tries to Blame Other Driver For An Accident She Caused [VIDEO]
I know this guy was happy he had a video camera mounted on his car to show exactly what happened. A lady pulls out in front of him and causes an accident then she starts blaming him for totaling her car. She s=clearly pulled out in front of him into on coming traffic but states "You were speedi…
Motorcyclist Scares Driver After Running Red Light [VIDEO]
This motorcyclist scares the crap out of a driver after he blew through a red light. When you're on a bike you're very aware of what's around you and traffic signals. Most bike accidents aren't the fault of the motorcyclist, it's other drivers and vehicles.

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