10 Celebrities Who Were Once Strippers
There are a number of celebrities—good looking ones too—who, in the past, have performed on stage for a different profession than which they are currently employed. Exotic dancers, strippers, burlesque dancers, whatever you want to call them, these girls have done it, and have probabl…
12 Perfectly-Timed Celebrity Photobombs
It takes a certain breed of human (or animal for that matter) to perfect the almighty photobomb. The creepy expression, the ideal timing-- it takes a lot of talent. Some jokesters can spend years practicing these techniques, but others are just naturals (like babies). So who's the most recent a…
Celebrity Birthdays for December 5 — Little Richard and More
Here's a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:
Little Richard
Age: 80
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Known For: Helping define the dynamic sound of rock and roll in the 1950s with his frenetic piano playing and raspy, shouted vocals on classics like 'Tutti Frutti,' 'Long Ta…

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