Help The Homeless Like a YouTube Vlogger! [VIDEO]
We've all seen the videos on YouTube where a vlogger passes out cash to the homeless or does something nice for someone else seemingly without the expectation of reward. There's dozens if not hundreds of these supposed "feel good faith in humanity" type videos on the inte…
Kansas City Secret Santa Hands Out Cash with Cops Help [VIDEO]
A recent story from CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley called "On the Road" has put the holiday and gift giving spirit of Christmas a much needed boost, especially in Missouri. An anonymous business man known only as Secret Santa for the past several years handed out thousands of dollars t…
This Food Truck Doesn’t Sell Meals [VIDEO]
Food trucks have become increasingly popular all over the country. Well,a Minnesota food truck is filling local hearts with joy without striking up a single burner. That's because Finnegans Reverse Food Truck doesn't actually serve meals.

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