Johnny Express the Space Delivery Man [VIDEO]
A funny C.G (computer graphics) animated short film from Alfred Image Works, a computer graphics and anime company who's gaining viewers and popularity on with their original comedy shorts.
Street Fighter II: Church Edition! [VIDEO]
Funny as hell! Sadly by finding this even in the least bit humorous you're probably going to end up there, I'll save you a chair! Introducing Street Fighter II: Church Edition! I just found this little gem hiding on Youtube and just had to share it. This way I won't end up all alone i…
“That’s My Boy” Features Baseball Prodigy
A three years old boy became an over -night sensation thanks to a short video on YouTube.  Little preschooler Chistian Haupt took the cyber sphere by surprise when his parents uploaded a video of him playing baseball. Haupt’s undeniable talent captured the eye of close to on…
4 Star Hotel With 1 Star People[VIDEO]
With internet sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Hotwire just to mention a few it has made it easier to get 4 star hotel rooms at a 1 star price which is GREAT !! Till this happens, enjoy LOL