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‘The Smurfs 2′ Trailer: We’re Smurfed
Last year, 'The Smurfs' made more money than you'd ever think: $142 Million domestic and $564 Million worldwide. So it's no surprise it's spawned a sequel, which will be hitting theaters in 2013. Great. Now there's a trailer for 'The Smurfs 2.'
‘Hotel Transylvania’ Getting Sequel
This fall, there were three horror-themed animated films for children, and the big winner was 'Hotel Transylvania.' It's made nearly $140 Million domestically (and over $250 Million worldwide), compared to 'Paranorman's $55 Million ($95 Million worldwide) and 'Frankenweenie's $33 Million (currently …
Star Wars Episode 7 Announced — Babes Rejoice!
When we heard that Lucasfilm was being bought by Disney for $4.05 billon, and that Star Wars Episode 7 is set to release in 2015, our brains started working overtime.
Last week we showed you all our favorite Disney Cosplay Babes, and while Star Wars fans are set to be disappointed for a third time b…

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