13 Year Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted Into College [VIDEO]
Meet Tyler Morgan a 13 year old drinking prodigy who was just recently accepted to Ohio State University. This kids drinking skill is amazing. What? Drinking can be a skill! He's been pounding the booze since he was a small child. Tyler began his drinking career much earlier than most, at the a…
Does Drinking Make You a Better Parent?
Booze makes you a better parent—or at least that's what one in five moms and dads thinks. A new study reveals that nearly 20 percent of all British parents believe their alcohol consumption positively affects their parenting skills.
Bull Testicle Beer Is Now a Real Thing
The wily rednecks of Denver’s Wynkoop Brewing Company have always had a lot of balls when it comes to how they brew their beer, but their brewmasters have really gone nuts this time. These mad scientists have just announced the release of their latest product - Rocky Mountain Oyster …
Can Vodka Make Men More Creative?
Need a creative boost? Have a shot of vodka.
A new study from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found slightly inebriated men solved more problems requiring verbal resourcefulness in less time than did their sober counterparts.

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