The World’s Most Musical Fart Ever! [VIDEO]
We've all heard the saying "The butt is a musical instrument that farts a whole note." Well in this case it was seven glorious notes of musical expression in arpeggio in the key of B flat. It's one of the greatest most beautiful farts to have ever been captured, truly an …
Dog Reacts to Owner Farting [VIDEO]
This dog's reaction to it's owner farting on him is classic! They were just sitting on the couch kicking back and relaxing, then the owner decides to let one loose. This poor little Chihuahua never had a chance!
Breaking the Fart Barrier! [VIDEO]
A great video that will especially help the ladies when it comes to breaking the fart barrier. Exactly when is it appropriate to cut one in front of, or in ear shot of the one you love? A question that's plagued mankind for decades. I might have made it 3 whole days before blowing a warm kiss, a pol…