How to Win a Street Fight Without Throwing a Single Punch [VIDEO]
Watch as a couple of pranksters show you just how easy it is to win a street fight without throwing a single punch. Some might say this is fighting dirty or unfairly, but winning is still winning. I think I'll keep this tactic in mind if I ever find myself on the wrong side of town or in a situ…
62 Year Old Man Wins His First MMA Fight With a KO [VIDEO]
Watch as this 62 year old man enters the ring and wins his first MMA fight with a KO! Wayne "Kung Fu" Smallwood has been a professional fighter and boxer for most of his life and in his sixties can still hit hard and put his opponents on the ground.
Russian Man Unfazed by Resturant Flash Brawl [VIDEO]
I do believe that Russians are quickly replacing the cat as the most viewed and entertaining videos online. If not it's getting real close. Everyday there's a least 2 or 3 new videos of Russians being Russian. Well today's no exception! This has to be the coolest Russian I've eve…
The Most Brutal Slap You’ll Hear Today [VIDEO]
It's the most brutal slap you'll hear all day. Not just one, but two slaps that leaves this kid dazed and confused! I remember as a kid we'd slap box and without fail at least one person would walk, or crawl away red faced with a perfect hand outline across their mug.
Team Fighting Championship 5 Vs 5 MMA Fight! [VIDEO]
It's one of the most insane sports spectacles captured on video! The TFC (Team Fighting Championship) 5 Vs. 5 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight. This is fight one of the TFC Event one featuring: The (LPH) of Poznan, Poland Vs. The (Wisemen) of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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