Win Tickets to ‘Fists of Fury #17′ MMA Cage Fights!
Get ready to rumble...It’s back, bigger, better and badder than ever before! Fist of Fury #17 is coming to the Grady County Fairgrounds Event Center in Chickasha, OK. on Saturday, June 16th (06-16-18) featuring pro and amateur MMA cage fighting at it’s best for one ni…
How to Win a Street Fight Without Throwing a Single Punch [VIDEO]
Watch as a couple of pranksters show you just how easy it is to win a street fight without throwing a single punch. Some might say this is fighting dirty or unfairly, but winning is still winning. I think I'll keep this tactic in mind if I ever find myself on the wrong side of town or in a situ…
Russian Man Unfazed by Resturant Flash Brawl [VIDEO]
I do believe that Russians are quickly replacing the cat as the most viewed and entertaining videos online. If not it's getting real close. Everyday there's a least 2 or 3 new videos of Russians being Russian. Well today's no exception! This has to be the coolest Russian I've eve…
The Most Brutal Slap You’ll Hear Today [VIDEO]
It's the most brutal slap you'll hear all day. Not just one, but two slaps that leaves this kid dazed and confused! I remember as a kid we'd slap box and without fail at least one person would walk, or crawl away red faced with a perfect hand outline across their mug.

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