Epic Trick Shot- Lighting a Firecracker With a Bullet! [VIDEO]
With this Saturday being the Fourth of July it's the perfect time to do this epic trick shot. It's as American as it gets, firearms and firecrackers what a way to celebrate your independence! Watch in amazement as I ignite the fuse on a firecracker with a bullet.
How Many Pancakes Does it Take to Stop a .22 Long Rifle Round [VIDEO]
Truly a question that's plagued mankind for centuries. Just how many pancakes would it take to stop a .22 long rifle round. Luckily for us Demolition Ranch and Mattv2099 teamed up to end the debate once and for all. You never know when this kind of information could come in handy, or when you m…
Homemade Pneumatic Air Gun [VIDEO]
It's a  weekend DIY (Do It Yourself) project from HELL! This guy built a pneumatic air gun out of everyday products around the house and it not only works, it's completely bad ass! I know what I'll be doing next weekend!
Guns Vs. Books- The Ultimate Showdown! [VIDEO]
Thank God for the interwebs and YouTube! We've all wondered about it and now thanks to this video we can finally answer the age old question of which rifle caliber does the most damage to a stack of books between the 7mm Remington Magnum and a .243 Winchester! Some would say this is a waste of …
How Many Shots and What Caliber Can Open a Lock? [VIDEO]
YouTube channel Demolition Ranch brings us this entertaining and educational video on something we've all seen done in the movies. How many times have you see someone in the movies or T.V. open a lock by shooting it? Well Demolition Ranch brings us the science behind this and asks how many shots wou…
A Truly Terrifying Charlie Charlie Challenge! [VIDEO]
Beyond frightening! A few days ago Kelso and I decided we'd do the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" that has been making the rounds on the interwebs. We thought it would be a wast of time and wouldn't work, we we wrong! The supernatural is real and this terrifying experience h…
6mm Rail Gun- The Most Accurate Rifle in the World! [VIDEO]
TFM Taofledermaus gives us an inside look at some of the most accurate rifles in the world. These are considered the top fuel dragsters of firearms, the rail gun. Like dragsters these are purpose built with one thing in mind precision. While that certainly aren't the most practical guns around they …
Gun Safety- Winchester SPX Trigger Safety Failure [VIDEO]
An important video that demonstrates the need to test all safeties and properly load, unload and test fire all firearms before use. Do this at the range for every firearm you purchase new or used, never take for granted that everything works or is in good condition!
Mat Best on How to Be How to be Tacicool [VIDEO]
Mat Best and the MBest11x crew show you the ins and outs of how to be tacticool. These guys are hilarious! The video makes fun of several YouTube shooters and operators, some you might recognize. It's all in good fun and will definitely make you laugh.

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