5 Crazy Sports GIFs
Sometimes a slow motion replay is needed to help capture some of the amazing moments to be seen in an arena.
The Very Best of GIFs with Sound [VIDEO]
A picture is worth a 1,000 words, a GIF is worth twice that and a GIF with sound is priceless! Some GIFS are better and funnier than others, but they all benefit from adding sound. It's a whole new level of hilarity that can only be achieved by carefully mixing both elements in precise amounts. Ther…
2013 NFL Season Week 1 in Animated GIFs
The first Sunday of the 2013 NFL season means packed sports bars and optimism...unless you live in Jacksonville. (At least you have sunshine?) Here's our animated GIF wrap-up of Week 1 moments that didn't affect the scores of the games but may have led to some therapy for the players invol…

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