The Greatest Miniture Golf Story Ever Told [VIDEO]
As far as sport stories goes this one has to be one of the greatest. We've all been inspired by sport movies that show the courage, strength and belief to overcome great odds. This story tells the tell of a man and his perfect putt putt game. They said it couldn't be done and he was a fool…
Golfer Kills Seagull With Terrible Drive [VIDEO]
We've heard of the terms birdie and eagle when it comes to golf but never seagull, that is until now! This has to be one of the worst tee shot in the history of golf. This guy lines up and wacks the ball in a low line drive kind of way. The ball speeds right into a seagull who just happened to …
Epic Alligator Fight on the Golf Course [VIDEO]
Now this is crazy! I have no ideal what golf course this is, but it's more than likely in Florida somewhere. A couple of guys out to play a little golf get more than they bargained for as two alligators battle it out right on the course.

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